Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sparkling Berry Spring Sangria

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

I'm a big fan of sangria...if you remember, I shared a "White Christmas Sangria" right before the holidays, which is DELICIOUS by the way, and I've been excited for warmer (almost spring) days so I could share this "Sparkling Berry Spring Sangria" with you all!  

This recipe is another favorite of mine and it makes such a refreshing berry infused sangria that is perfect for any spring or summer gathering!

Of course I had Easter Sunday brunch in mind when making this cocktail...a perfect Sunday cocktail should you wish to serve one at your Easter gathering.  If not for Easter, any other Sunday or (weekend day at that) will do!

What I love most about sangria, besides its refreshing taste, is that it is so simple to make and it can even be made ahead of time (winning in the busy Mom department).

Hope you will give this one a try and if you do, please be sure to let me know what you think!

Get your wine glasses out and let's make some sangria!

serves 4 - double or triple the recipe if serving more

  • 1 bottle of sparking Rose 
  • 8 ounces of club soda
  • 1/4 cup Chambord (raspberry liqueur)
  • 1/4 cup sugar (add more if you like yours sweeter)
  • Package of fresh strawberries (cut either in half or quarters depending on the size of your berries)
  • Package of fresh raspberries
  • Fresh mint 
Mix all ingredients together and gently stir until sugar has dissolved some.  Then stir in several sprigs of mint leafs and refrigerate overnight or for several hours before serving.  The longer you refrigerate the more the flavors meld...I typically make my sangria the night before. 

Use a ladle to spoon the sangria mixture into your wine glasses, ensuring that you are putting some of the berries into each glass.  Garnish with fresh mint, serve, and enjoy! 

Sangria is truly that simple!  Hope you enjoy this recipe!  Pin it to Pinterest for easy access or bookmark this page!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Playful Easter Tablescape

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

How will you be celebrating Easter this year?!  Are you hosting family, friends, or family & friends for Easter brunch or dinner?!  If so, I've created a colorful & playful Easter tablescape that is perfect for your Easter Sunday gatherings!

This year I wanted to create something that had a touch of whimsy to it.  Of course I always think of Reins and Addison when styling our home for the holidays because this is such a fun time for them as well!  And as much as I love all of the little details, I know that they do too!

The concept behind this tablescape started with GRASS!  I knew I wanted to recreate some of our outdoor Easter traditions, like egg hunting, and bring it indoors to our table.  In my mind, I was going to find a perfect moss runner and style the rest of the table around the moss runner.  Although I didn't end up going with a moss runner, I stumbled across this moss mat and knew that it would be perfect for the centerpiece!

To keep a clean/crisp look, I picked a solid white tablecloth and then to add a pop of color and to create long lines, I found this gorgeous yellow and white striped table runner!  As you know, I love to pair patterns so I picked out these check napkins to pair with the striped runner and the floral dinnerware.

I found both the floral and bunny dinnerware on sale and just adore both!  What I love about the floral dinnerware is that I will be able to use it after Easter as well!  I just love the colors in these plates and the floral pattern is gorgeous.  Not to mention, how cute are these sweet bunny plates?!  They come in a set of 4 and each bunny is posed a different way.  For the napkins, I found these fun springy bunny napkin rings...they are so playful and the perfect compliment to tie in the moss centerpiece.

I also knew that I wanted to style the centerpiece with white ceramic bunnies, eggs, etc. and I searched high and low for the perfect ceramic bunnies and came across these!  I loved their simple chic look so I chose a larger bunny and two small bunnies (I don't know, maybe I was envisioning a Momma and her babes ;-)).  I then strategically placed other whimsical pieces around the moss mat like this colorful wooden eggs!  And how cute are the little broken eggshell vases?!  You can use them for flower buds or even tea lights!  Lastly I placed some carrots and little chicks around the moss to complete the centerpiece!

This was such a fun tablescape to design and I'm excited to recreate it for Easter Sunday!  I hope you will find some inspiration to create your own Easter tablescape!  

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

L.A. Jackson - Nashville Rooftop Bar

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

Spring is near which means everyone will be coming out of hibernation soon and enjoy more sunshine, longer days, and hopefully much warmer temps!  Nashvillians and visitors alike will begin to fill outdoor restaurants tables for apps & drinks after work, weekend dinners, and evenings out on the town.

One of my personal favorite spots to spend time (from Spring through Fall) is L.A Jackson at Thompson Nashville, which is located in the Gulch.  L.A. Jackson is known for it's chic rooftop bar and it's delicious craft cocktails!  They also offer small plates if you want to enjoy an app while enjoying one of their craft cocktails.  Their frose is one of my personal favorites...you've got to try it, soooooo good!

The bar is large and spacious...there are plenty of places to sit inside and there is an open walkway that opens up to the rooftop bar.  Once out on the rooftop, you will be able to find cozy benches and chairs that create an inviting space so you can truly enjoy a great evening out!

If traveling to Nashville, you must stop by L.A. Jackson to enjoy the views and one of their craft cocktails.  I suggest that you eat at Marsh House first and then make your way up to the rooftop.  If you missed my post about Marsh House, also in Thompson Nashville, you can check that out HERE.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Avocado Deviled Easter Eggs

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

The time has changed and Spring is right around the corner.  Although we had about an inch of snow on the ground this morning, we are all anticipating warmer temps and longer days with lots of sunshine!  

With Easter being just a few weeks away (hard to believe, right?!), I wanted to start sharing some fun & YUMMY Easter ideas that I have created for you.  First up...avocado deviled eggs!

If you follow me on Instagram and you watch my Instastories, I asked you to share your favorite mayonnaise free deviled egg recipe recommendations.  As you may recall, I am trying to focus on healthy eating and in doing so, I am adjusting some of my favorite recipes to be a bit more healthy.  Plus, I'm not a big fan of mayonnaise anyway!

One of the recipe recommendations that I received was for avocado deviled eggs.  I must say, you speak the word AVOCADO and I'm already sold...no need to say more!  After reading the recipe ingredients (and wiping the drool off my mouth), I knew that I must make these!

So time for a recipe share that I think you will love too!



- 6-12 hard boiled eggs depending on how many you are serving
- 2-4 ripe avocados *rule of thumb...you will use one avocado per 4 egg yolks so
- 1-2 tsp of fresh cilantro (you can adjust this according to personal preference)
- 3-6 tsp of fresh lime juice (adjust according to how many eggs you are making)
- 1-2 tablespoons of red onion finely chopped
- Salt & pepper to taste
- Paprika
- Cilantro for garnish


Place eggs in a deep sauce pan and fill with cold water, 1-2 inches above the eggs.  Bring to a boil and then turn off heat and cover.  Let eggs cook for approximately 15 minutes.  Remove the eggs from sauce pan and move to an ice bath to chill.  Once the eggs have cooled completely, you can then peel the eggs.  *tip...peeling can be tough so I recommend that you crack the egg all the way around as much as possible by tapping them lightly on the counter...this always makes peeling the shell much easier.

Cut your eggs in half and scoop out the yolk while keeping the egg white intact.  Transfer the egg yolks to a bowl and then add the remaining ingredients except for the paprika.  Stir and blend the mixture until smooth.  Fill your egg whites with the mixture.  Sprinkle with paprika and garnish with cilantro. *tip...use an cake decorating icing bag and icing tip to squeeze the egg mixture into your egg whites.  This creates a beautiful deviled egg!

Eat and enjoy!

Stay tuned as I will be sharing another deviled egg recipe with you all as well as a fun dessert for kids, a brunch cocktail, and a beautiful Easter tablescape!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Shaving Isn't Just For Men

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

I'll always remember the first time that I had my face dermaplaned.  It was a little more than 11 years ago, the week of our wedding.  I went to a med spa several days before our wedding to have a facial and they asked me if I wanted to add on dermaplaning.  As the aesthetician describe dermaplaning to me, I was reluctant to agree because after all, she would be shaving my face and didn't our Mom's always tell us...

"Don't shave this or don't shave that because your hair will grow back thicker."  OR "Your hair will grow back darker." Etc. etc.  We've all heard this one time or another.

But after learning more about this skincare procedure, and asking probably way too many questions, I agreed and my face was dermaplaned for the first time and I've never looked back since.

Over the years, I have had my face dermaplaned numerous times and I remember talking with a friend, who works in the skincare industry, and she said that most everyone who works in the industry shaves their own face at home.  Wait, what?!  Yep, you heard me right.  Now, don't get me wrong, having a pro do it for you is highly recommended...especially if you have never had your face dermaplaned before.  But there is nothing wrong with taking charge of your skin health and shaving your own face as well (again, once you are comfortable with this).

It's no secret, so I'm not letting a cat outta the bag but there are a lot of people who do this themselves.  I've personally been shaving my own face for YEARS and always have great results. And yes, I do still have my face professionally dermaplaned from time to time but in between these very spaced out visits...I shave my own face once a week!

Wonder why I shave my face?  Here's why...

- Promotes smoother skin
- Exfoliates skin and removes dead skin cells
- Removes all of that peach fuzz that can trap dirt and oil
- Reduces recent acne scars
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
- Cost effective with no down time
- Bonus...your makeup looks flawless!

Wonder what I use to shave with?  Let me tell you...

- Men's Bic double blade disposable razors 
* there are tools available specific for dermaplaning that you can use, however I have found that men's disposable razors work best for my skin and they are cheap!  I can usually get 2-3 shaves out of one razor!
- Coconut oil & hot water
* I use Kopari Beauty's Coconut Melt (think high quality, pure ingredients), however you can use any type of coconut oil, face oil, olive oil, etc.
- Neutrogena salicylic acid pads 
* I use these pads immediately after shaving my face to clean the coconut oil off and to help prevent breakouts.  **My skin typically does not break out since I use these!

When I shave...

As I mentioned, I shave about once a week, sometimes I go two weeks and I almost always shave immediately following a hot shower.  That is when your skin is soft and your pores are open.  I apply a thin layer of coconut oil on my skin, stand at the sink with hot water running, and start my shave.  I shave from my upper cheek bone down including upper and lower lip.  I do not shave my forehead but you can if you have a lot of hair in that area (I leave my forehead for the pros).

And that's it...super simple and easy to do!  Again, if you have never had your face shaved, "dermaplaned", I highly recommend that you have a professional do it first to see if you even like it.  Pretty sure you will not only like it but you will LOVE it and end up being hooked like I am.

Let me know if you have any questions!  I'm always demonstrating how I shave my face on Instastories so be sure to follow me on Instagram as well.

Time to freshen up for Spring my friends...your skin will thank you!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kendra Scott + American Heart Association Event Recap

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson


During "heart month" (February), I hosted my annual event with Kendra Scott benefiting the American Heart Association.  This was my 3rd year hosting an event during heart month in honor of Addison and to help raise money for our local American Heart Association chapter.

We had such a wonderful evening!  Everyone who attended was treated to sips & sweets as well as hairstyling by The Dry House and fashion illustrations by Brittany Fuson!  Of course the highlight of the evening was the SHOPPING!  It was so much fun to see what everyone picked out!

Kendra Scott donated 20% of all sales from this event to the American Heart Association!  How amazing is that?!

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the following to Kendra Scott for affording me the opportunity to host a "give back" event each year.  Thank you to the entire Nashville Kendra Scott team...you girls ROCK and I'm so thankful to have your support & friendship.

The American Heart Association of Greater Nashville for being a part of the evening and for allowing me to use my voice to help raise awareness about heart defects and heart disease in women.

To my family and friends who either attended the event or participated from afar...it truly means the world to me and my family!  Thank you so very much for supporting me and this cause!

To The Dry House and Brittany Fuson for being a part of the evening!  And to Madi for always being by my side capturing such special moments...you are the BEST!

And MANY THANKS to all of YOU who continue to visit my site...supporting KBStyled on this journey!  I'm thankful for each and every one of you!