Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fragrance Holiday Gift Sets with Belk

Today's post was sponsored by Belk.  All opinions are my own.

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

Fragrances C/O Belk

Nothing makes me feel more beautiful throughout the holidays than getting dressed up for an evening out with Peter.  We love this time of year together and as a family.  From the traditions, to the parties, to the meaning behind each is just such a special time!

We already have some fun holiday events on our calendar and of course I'm trying to stay ahead by pre-planning my looks.  From my dress, to my heels, to my accessories, to the fragrance that I will wear...every detail matters when prepping for a holiday event.

Before slipping into my holiday dresses, I will complete my routine with a classic beautiful scent like Ralph Lauren Woman or Ralph Lauren Romance from Belk, two of my absolute favorite feminine fragrances.  Woman by Ralph Lauren embodies the essence of modern femininity with a delightful fruit and floral scent and Romance by Ralph Lauren has a woody floral scent with a touch of musk.  Both fragrances are so classic, timeless, and feminine...the most perfect beauty accessory for any woman.

Not only are these fragrances the perfect finishing beauty accessory for a special event but they are perfect for every day wear as well.  I know many of us are planning ahead and starting to do some holiday shopping and Belk will be my go-to destination for gift sets including these Ralph Lauren fragrance gift sets.

This beautiful Woman by Ralph Lauren 2-piece gift set is under $100 and this 4-piece Romance by Ralph Lauren gift set is right at $100.  Both are such beautiful gifts for the lovely ladies in your life! This is such a great value for the price!

I encourage you to shop Belk this holiday season as they have so many wonderful gift sets that are perfect for every person on your holiday check list!

I'm off...I've got some shopping to do!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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