Sunday, June 4, 2017

Loving Your Body & Gaining Confidence The FASTer Way - Fitness Program

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

To say that I've always loved my body and my curves would be a lie.  Just like most women, there have been many times where I have felt great about my body and many times where I haven't.  I've always been somewhat self conscious of my curves...feeling as if my hips were too wide, my butt too big, my waist not small enough, my legs not long get the picture.  I sense that I'm not alone.

People may call you crazy...tell you that you are beautiful no matter your shape or size but that doesn't matter if you don't believe those things yourself.  After all...true beauty comes within, right?!  The number on the scale, the size of your waist, the inches from head to toe, the size of jeans that you wear...these aren't the things that make you beautiful.  BUT, they are some of the things that can play a significant role in how confident you feel.

As I look back on the highs and lows of my personal body confidence I can easily remember the highs but the lows are those moments that give you a good ole punch in the gut.  I've always considered myself to be a active person but I haven't always been a healthy person.  I've never really struggled with my weight (well at least not until the last couple of years).  My biggest struggle over the years has been allowing myself to get into brief ruts where I eat whatever I want and don't work out or do any physical exercise.  A lot of times, these ruts are caused my stress or significant life changes.  My mental game gets off so of course that impacts everything else and most times, that means that I start to put on a little bit of clothes fit tighter and I'm not thrilled with what I see in the mirror.

I've had to come to the realization that my "shape" is what God has given me and that is what I have to work with.  Over time, I've grown to love my body and truly appreciate the curves that I have.  I keep telling myself...why not work with these amazing curves and make them the most beautiful curves possible. This year has especially helped me turn the find a place of contentment.

What I'm most proud of is that I am a Mom of two.  My body has carried and delivered two beautiful of the biggest blessings and gifts I could have ever received.  I've gained the weight and I've worked hard to get it off.  At times I have been complacent and not cared but I'm more motivated than ever to maintain my current place of contentment and continue setting an example of health and fitness for our children.

If you have been following my journey since the beginning of January, you know that I've been participating in the FASTer Way to Fatloss bootcamp program.  This is my "how" behind how I have reached my current goals and how I have truly found contentment.  My body is transforming, my curves are more beautiful, and my mind and soul are in the right place.  My confidence has shifted and I feel like a much more well rounded ME!

I'm wrapping up my 3rd full round in with the FASTer Way bootcamp and I'm joining my 4th round on June 12th.  I shared my 12 week results in a prior can read about and see that HERE.

This bootcamp program has really played an important role in helping me turn the corner and learn to love my body.  I'm happier now with my body and level of physical fitness than I ever have been.  Hence why I continue to join round after round.  Yes, I could do this all on my own but I love the camaraderie of joining the FASTer Way army of women who are all like-minded and who are there to cheer each other on!

Tell me about a time that you struggled with body self confidence?  I'm certain that many of you reading this post can relate.

Is it time for you to make a shift in the way you think about and feel about your body?  Maybe the FASTer Way to Fatloss bootcamp is for you.  I encourage you to read more and email me at with any questions.  I've had several personal friends join this program who have all thanked me time and time again for introducing them to the FASTer Way.  Would be happy to have you join me on June 12th!

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read today's post.  Hope you have been having a wonderful weekend!


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