Friday, May 26, 2017

Diamonds...A Girl's Best Friend with Simon G Jewelry

*Today's post is in collaboration with Simon G. Jewelry.

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

Jewelry C/O Simon G Jewelry

We've all heard the saying "diamonds are a girls best friend" and I've got to say, I totally agree!  Wedding season is upon us and it has me thinking back to when Peter and I got engaged...I will never forget him getting down on one knee, opening his heart, and putting the most beautiful diamond ring on my finger.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't stop staring at my ring for weeks to come after our proposal!

Although that seems like yesterday, time has passed and we have now been married for almost 11 years! hard to believe.  Talk about time flying by.  A proposal, our wedding day, a move from California to Arizona, a puppy baby, two human babies, and then a move from Arizona to Nashville (with lots of other things in between!).  We've made so many incredible memories over the years!

Over our years together, one thing I have grown to love so much about Peter is that he is one of the most thoughtful persons that I know.  He has the most kind generous heart and he cares about and loves his family so deeply.  He is also really great at planning special surprises!  I can hardly ever pull off a surprise but he pulls them off without a hitch!

Speaking of surprises...I've shared with Peter that I would love to add another diamond band to my left hand at some point and I'm certain, when the time is right, he will surprise me with the most perfect anniversary ring!  I have no expectations because I know that he will plan to surprise me at the most perfect time.

Luckily, I've already started creating a wish list with Simon G Jewelry!  It has been so fun browsing their stunning pieces and making note of those that catch my eye.  Let's be honest, they ALL catch my eye but there are certain pieces that are total stand outs.  I absolutely adore this ring and these wrap around bangle bracelets.  And how stunning is this diamond engagement ring too?!

Simon G Jewelry's attention to detail is incredible and you can see it with every single piece!  I love that they offer pieces for all occasions and their engagement ring selection is one of the best I've ever seen!  Their pieces are so unique and you can feel certain you will be investing in a piece that is one of a kind and will carry from generation to generation. 

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great long weekend ahead!


  1. Wow! What an inspiration that you and your husband have been married for 11 years! Simon G Jewelry is gorgeous!

    Mindy II

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  4. Wow! How beautiful and delicate! These pieces are so stunning! You will definitely be able to share them with the generations to come!



  5. Your jewels are so gorgeous! Love how dainty and feminine they are!

  6. The details are stunning! That layered ring is by far my favorite!

    xo, Amanda |

  7. I have always loved Simon G jewelry! Great pics!

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  9. Those are so delicate and pretty!!

  10. Those are so pretty and congrats to you and your hubby for being married 11 years. I am coming up on your number eight and hope to do something fun for our 10th wedding anniversary.

  11. Those jewels are gorgeous!! Perfect for any outfit!


  12. These dainty jewels are so beautiful girl!!! xo

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