Friday, January 6, 2017

Head & Shoulders "Instant Relief" Shampoo - My Experience

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

During the winter months, my skin tends to dry out a good bit, including my scalp and sometimes it can be painful and itchy.  Does anyone else experience this?  I also find that when I work out in the winter months, sweat causes my scalp to become even more irritated.  So I always have to switch my routines up.

I've used Head & Shoulders shampoo & conditioner on and off for years but I've most recently found that it has really helped soothe my dry, itchy scalp.  When Head & Shoulders approached me about trying their Instant Relief Shampoo with peppermint complex and tea tree essence, I immediately said YES PLEASE!  I actually already had some of their classic clean shampoo and conditioner in my shower and I had started making the switch in hopes of getting relief from my dry and itchy winter scalp.

What I love most about their Instant Relief Shampoo is that it immediately feels cool on your scalp (that's the peppermint complex) and it smells soooooo good!  When using this shampoo I feel immediate relief and my scalp feels calm and much less's very soothing.  My hair also feels moisturized and soft too!

I've decided to keep this shampoo on hand and in my gym bag as well.  When faced with washing my hair after a sweat session, this will be my go-to shampoo.  I definitely recommend washing your hair with this after sweating throughout a workout.  It will leave your hair feeling so clean plus it will alleviate that unsettling itchy feeling.  Your gym girlfriends may just be asking if they can use it too!

What do you do to relieve your dry itchy winter skin & scalp?!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

*Special thank you to Head & Shoulders for partnering on today's post.  This review is based on my personal experience and all opinions are 100% my own.  It's partnerships like these that make KBStyled possible.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Head & Shoulders. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. No wonder your hair always looks perfect! ;) Love this post!
    xx, Bri ||

  2. Ohhh, I'll definitely have to try this shampoo out! I'm always a sucker for anything with peppermint and tea tree oil in it. Two of my favorite ingredients. Thanks for sharing! xo

  3. This will def help me, as I live in Jersey and it has been so dry here! Gorgeous hair!

  4. I love head and shoulders especially in the winter with this dry winter air.

  5. is that the secret to your killer hair?? cus it always looks amazing!! i'll definitely give it a try! :)
    xoxo, Stefanie /

  6. Your hair looks fab!! I love that jacket too :)

  7. such cute photos! i definitely need to try this out!

    xo Emily

  8. I used to use head and shoulder too, but haven't in forever! Also we should probably talk about how cute you AND your outfit is in these photos!!!!!!

  9. You look adorable as always and that shampoo sounds like a spa in a bottle! Can't wait to try it.

    Barefoot in LA | Instagram | Bloglovin’ | Facebook | Pintrest

  10. I haven't used this in forever, but maybe I should give it a try again this winter! Your hair looks amazing!

    XO Strawberry Chic

  11. If this head and shoulders makes my hair look like yours I'm all in! Haha! I tend to have a flaky scalp so I will have to check this out.


  12. I'll use anything that makes my hair look as gorgeous as yours!

    Grea |

  13. You have amazing hair so it must be working! Love your jacket in these photos as well!

    Clothes & Quotes

  14. Your hair is always fabulous Brooke! I bet the peppermint complex really makes your scalp feel good.

    Amanda ||

  15. Well first of all I absolutely love your jacket! I have definitely experienced dry skin, but not so much with my head yet thankfully. Your hair is stunning though!

    Steph || @trendyinindy

  16. my husband uses head and shoulders and LOVES it. works so well!
    Southern Elle Style

  17. My family has actually used head and shoulder before, it was a huge help! I myself love to use a nice hair oil to keep my hair moisturized!

    I must say Brooke, you have such a gorgeous smile it just brighten a day!

  18. I definitely suffer from dry scalp during the winter and I love Head and Shoulders! I haven't tried this exact one before though!

    By Lauren M

  19. I sometimes get a dry and itchy scalp and I love Head and Shoulders!! I haven't tried this one yet but your hair looks fab so I will definitely look out for it!
    Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

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