Friday, October 21, 2016

LC Lauren Conrad Velvet Blazer

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

Velvet has made a comeback and in a BIG way!  From velvet blazers, to velvet tops, skirts, dresses, name it, it's all about VELVET.  This is a huge trend this season and I'm completely on board.

This gorgeous velvet blazer from Lauren Conrad's runway collection for Kohl's is absolutely stunning.  I love the boyfriend blazer fit and it's perfect for dressing down as I've done for today's look or dressing up...think satin dress or a sleek black dress paired with this blazer for a night out!  You can truly make this blazer look as casual or as dressy as you would like.

I love this blazer so much that I had to return to Kohl' and buy it in the "wine" color as well.  My mind immediacy trails off to holiday parties! 

If you can't quite commit to a velvet blazer or aren't so sure about jumping into this trend...try something like a velvet heel first and see what you think!

Have you boarded the velvet train or are you still standing at the train station?!

p.s today is our 10 year wedding anniversary...YAY!  We are off for a weekend getaway...excited to share more soon!!!


  1. Lauren conrad has some of the cutest pieces in her collection. Happy anniversary!!

  2. Hi! I was looking into buying this blazer and was wondering how the sizing is, does it run tts or small? what size did you get, if you dont mind my asking? thanks!

  3. As winters are coming and people will be out in search of the stylish warm clothes, I am sure that there will be a variety of new collection at brands and local stores for which I am excited. This blazer looks great and the color is awesome which looks perfect with every pant color. I loved it because of its style and it is a perfect piece to add to the personality, thanks for the outstanding creation. Thanks from the Custom Essay Writing provider!

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