Wednesday, May 18, 2016

That Red Dress

KBStyled: red maxi dress shin dress red dress flowy dress

KBStyled: maxi dress maxi dresses red dress sleeveless dress

KBStyled: jewel-ology hand chain red dress bohemian dress

KBStyled: red maxi dress red dress summer dress summer maxi dress maxi dresses sleeveless dress

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Clothing makes me feel different things and as I have said before, I dress according to how I am feeling on any given day.  And let me tell you, this red maxi dress makes me feel strong, powerful, beautiful, and a little feisty! ;-)  Red is such a power color and not many people wear it...if you are one of those people, you should give it a try and if you do, let me know how this bold color makes YOU feel!

Some of you may be timid to wear this much red but I say GO FOR IT, OWN IT and don't look back.  The style and fit of this dress is sheer perfection and it makes me want to spend warm summer nights salsa dancing the night away.  Well, if that daydream doesn't come true, I can tell you that I will be wearing this beauty in Aruba in just a few weeks as well as out on date nights here around Nashville.

Wear it with heels as I've done here or pair this dress with a pair of wedges and a great summer hat for a more dressed down look.  Wear it while on vacation, for a special occasion, for date night, for a beach wedding...or wear it anytime just because you love it!

What color makes you feel strong, powerful, and beautiful?!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!


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  2. I like the color and the matherial but not that gap on the back! It just don't look pretty. Cutten edges should not be that sharp to make it sexy, otherwise you are just pointing on eccessive rolls on your sides. Check on how sexy dress should look like . And also how to wera it, how to walk in it to make everyone numb!

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