Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lash Extensions by Shala

OBSESSED!  This word clearly describes how I feel about my lash extensions...I'm completely utterly O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D!  I haven't treated myself to lash extensions since our wedding, which was back in 2006, so it was about time that I gave them another try and I am so glad that I did. 

Being able to wake up with perfect long gorgeous lashes and not having to apply mascara every day has been such a welcomed change for me.  My makeup routine and the time that I normally spend has been cut in half (this Momma always needs extra time in her pocket) because I don't have to apply any eye makeup.  I still fill in my brows (girls gotta do what a girls gotta do) but I am no longer having to apply liner or mascara...can I get an AMEN SISTA to that please?!  

By the end of the day, my eyes still look great and I don't have to worry about mascara ever smudging, running down my face, or shifting into my creases.  Plus there is no headache of having to remove eye makeup before going to bed...I know you all dread doing that as much as I do!  And in the mornings, all I have to do is give my lashes a little brush and viola...I'm ready to walk out of the door looking bright eyed and completely put together.

Splurging on this personal beauty luxury is TOTALLY worth it...I can assure you that you will be O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D too!  After all, we all have to treat ourselves sometimes, right?!

All my Nashville ladies, I'm so excited to introduce my lash lady, Shala, to you!  She is hands down a talented lash Artist and frankly...UHMAZING!  What I love most about Shala is how meticulous she is.  Not only does she match the right lashes (curl, thickness, length, style, etc) with each client but she also ensures that every single lash has its place.  Shala makes the overall experience super enjoyable and comfortable comfortable that the last time I went in, I fell asleep on the table and caught myself snoring several times (Momma's gotta snooze when & wherever she can fit in a snooze...don't judge)!

Just to tell you more about how AWESOME Shala is...she is offering local KBStyled supporters a full set of lashes for ONLY $120!  They typically run $220 so that is $100 off, which is a total steal!  AND fill-ins are only $75!  I've been able to go close to 4 weeks before getting a fill-in so they definitely last!

Go ahead...treat yourself and make an appointment with the AMAZING Shala:


Phone: 615-349-5633


  1. LOVE LOVE LOOOVE! I really feel like a whole new woman when I have fake lashes on, but they are SUCH a pain to do myself!
    I'd love to know how she does them...are they glued in, tied in?? I NEED!!

  2. I totally hit publish before I was done...dumb phone!
    Your eyes look GORGEOUS!!
    CS Gems

  3. I really do want to get some lash extensions, but to be honest I've heard a lot of negative commentary about the idea so I'm not 100% I want to dip into it. My problem is that I would get addicted to it and want to keep going back because not having to use mascara...well that's pretty cool but this is definitely one of those more expensive treats (like a massage!) I wish I lived closer to Nashville so I could try your girl and feel the same positivity you've expressed in your post...maybe I'll give it a go somewhere local?!?!? I don't know but I've been contemplating this for MONTHS! Thanks for your honest review :) xx

  4. WOW. You look AMAZING! Those lash extensions look fabulous, and you've inspired me to look into some!! Great post!
    xx, Bri

  5. These look AMAZING! I keep hearing great things about lash extensions.. I am intrigued!!!

  6. they look awesome!! I agree-they seriously make life easier. I just wish they weren't so expensive to to keep up.
    Southern Elle Style

  7. Your lashes look GORGEOUS! Wish I lived there so I could get them done, too! So funny that you dozed off a bit... that's amazing! ;)
    xx, Karen
    Glam Karen

  8. First of all your beautiful! 2nd I love your page, and this was a great post! Thanks for sharing! Your lashes look fab!

  9. Simply stunning!!! I wish I lived there so I could get mine done by her as well! <3
    Amanda |

  10. Wow, your lashes look amazing. They look long, and full! How nice to be able to wake up like that without mascara. Such a great deal you have going on, wish I lived a little closer. I'd totally be all in.

  11. Ummm I saw the title of this post and new I was going to love it! Your lashes are SICK! They look amazing! Ha, does she travel to Chicago? :)


  12. Your lashes look AH-mazing! I have always wanted to try fake eyelashes out!

    Amanda ||

  13. Oh my goodness, I wish I lived in Nashville because your lashes look AMAZING! Love that these are natural looking but still super glamorous. Sometimes I see them where they're almost "too natural" and I'm like well why did you even pay for them?! You are gorgeous!

    Valery Brennan

  14. oh WOW!! I love the lashes..they look so beautiful!! I have never tried them but now i have to!

    Nav || Nav K Brar Blog

  15. Man oh man do I wish I lived in Nashville so I could go to Shala too! You look GORGEOUS!
    xx, Victoria

  16. Your lashes look AMAZING! Makes me wish I lived near enough to give it a try.

    Molly | Hey There Sunshine

  17. I LOVE lash extensions! I got some a couple months ago and I've been debating whether or not to get them done again! I just wish they weren't so pricey!
    xo, Kyla - KyMarieC / @kycurrierlewis

  18. Girl your lashes are EVERYTHING! I'm going to have to tell my friend about your lash lady! She'll be moving to Nashville soon and she would love her!

  19. Your eyelashes look amazing! Makes me want to drive up there just to get some put on!! haha

  20. omg, your lashes looks stunning!!!! I've always wanted to try them. Do they stay pretty long? I am always afraid I'd accidentally rub my eyes and ruin them!

    xoxo, Elena Michelle

  21. Those look SO good on you. I got some once and loved them, but not so much the upkeep, haha.