Monday, July 20, 2015

Kendra Scott "Mystic Bazaar" + American Heart Association

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I was in Charleston this past weekend with a lot of my family for a party to celebrate my Brother's recent wedding and we had a blast.  Charleston is just so charming and although I have visited there many times, there is always something to be discovered and something new to experience.

For today's post, I am recapping our "Kendra Scott Gives Back" event from last Thursday, which was a huge success!  Most of you will not know this but just a little over a year ago, our sweet little Addison had open heart surgery to correct a hole that had substantially gotten bigger since birth.  We always knew the day would come where we would have to do something to fix it (she has been cared for by some amazing Dr's since she was born) but we NEVER thought it would be open heart.  Needless to say, last May 2014, was when we were told that it would have to be open heart surgery versus the catheter method, which is what had initially been mentioned.  We were saddened, worried, nervous, scared, and we felt every other emotion in between.

Surgery day came and went and Addison sailed through surgery and through her recovery like a champ…she AMAZES us!  We just celebrated one year from the date of her surgery and all is well…she is a normal soon-to-be 4 year old and her spirit is so strong and beautiful.

A few months back, the opportunity presented itself to work locally with Kendra Scott for a "Kendra Gives Back Event".  Kendra Scott focuses on giving back within communities throughout the US and I love that this brand allowed me to pick the organization that I wanted to partner with.  Of course I immediately knew that we would partner with the American Heart Association for this event to raise money in honor of our daughter, Addison.  I also knew that I wanted to have my friend/fellow Blogger Jackie Mewbourne, of Edit by Lauren blog, co-host the event with me!

The event itself was a HUGE success in my opinion…we had so many friends and supporters come out to see the "Mystic Bazaar" collection and to support Addison & the local AHA organization.  It was such a fun girls night that happened to fall on my birthday too…what a great way to honor our daughter...spending the evening raising money on her behalf.  We raised $344, which is 10% of the total amount spent, and this money will go directly to the local AHA chapter…YAY!!!

If you haven't seen or shopped the "Mystic Bazaar" collection yet…I've included some of my absolute FAVORITES below.  The collection is just gorgeous and I love how they have introduced more rose gold as well as more silver & black!  Kendra Scott's jewels are classic pieces that you will wear for years to come and you can never have too many of her stunning pieces.

I would also like to extend a special THANK YOU to Kendra Scott for this wonderful opportunity and to the local team at the store here in Nashville…you ALL were such a pleasure to work with and your hospitality last week was AMAZING!  I would also like to thank the local American Heart Association for being a part of this event as well…you will always have our support.  AND…to my dear friend and Blogger, Jackie, thank you so much for teaming up with me on this event, you are the BEST and I look forward to our next event!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a great start to your week!


  1. oh-my-gosh... I am so happy to hear about Addison! Give her an extra hug from Glam Karen!! xx And of course you look fabulous in these photos - love the Kendra Scott jewelry. Its stunning.
    xx, Karen
    Glam Karen

  2. I seriously can't get enough KS stuff so even better to know they do such great things for others!

  3. so fun!! I love KS. I think my favorite new piece is the white and black marble:)
    Southern Elle Style

  4. OMG I didn't know that about your daughter! What an inspiring story! I love this entire post and knowing more about you and your family! So glad the event went well and your earrings are gorgeous!

    xoxo Amanda
    The Miller Affect

  5. What a great post! I never knew you had a daughter but what an inspiring way to give back! I'm glad your event went so well. You looked lovely as always.Would love for you to stop by for my latest post!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  6. First of all, you look amazing! This dress and your hair! PERFECT! I have really been loving the KS collections lately and love the soft feminie shades of this one in particular. Looks like you had a great time! XO


  7. Wow, as if I didn't already love Kendra Scott enough - so thrilled to hear they work hard to give back!

    Also loving that dress you have on! So gorgeous.

    Valery Brennan

  8. So happy to hear that Addison is doing great and is a trooper! And how great it must be to work with a great brand like Kendra Scott for a great organization!

  9. That is so inspiring about your little daughter!! What a blessing everything turned out wonderful in the end! <3
    I adore Kendra Scott jewelry and Kendra Scott herself! They sent me some White Howlite pieces from their Mystic Bazaar collection and I'm in love!! Totally looks like marble!! <3
    Amanda |

  10. Congrats on your brother's wedding! You look like you really enjoyed yourself at the KS event. Her work is lovely.

    Have courage,
    Elle |

  11. this look is beautiful and the Mystic Bazaar collection looks gorgeous! and i'm so glad to hear about your Addison! I can't imagine what that must have been like but it's great to hear that everything has gone so well!

    cute & little

  12. What a great event! I would have loved to attend... that jewelry is all gorgeous. I have never owned a KS piece until I got on in my Rocksbox and decided to keep it :)

  13. That is amazing! And such a fitting event for a fashion blogging mommy! Sounds like a tremendous opportunity to work with Kendra Scott benefiting AHA. You are an extraordinary woman with an incredibly strong daughter!

    xoxo, Nickie

  14. I love that KS gives back so much to the community -- one of my favorite things about that company!

  15. What a great story & I am thankful Addison was able to recover and is now chugging along perfectly fine. I'm so glad you were able to be a part of this & that KS gives back to the community. Makes me like KS EVEN more than I already do! xx

  16. This is such a wonderful combination of brands, bloggers, and good deeds. I'm so glad you were able to partner with KS to show some love to an organization that you love, and your daughter sounds like a fantastic little lady :)
    xx, Victoria

  17. I love that Kendra Scott gives back and I love that you wanted to work with the AHA for your daughter! I'm so glad she made it through surgery well and recovered great!! The AHA was my sororities philanthropy and my grandfather has had to have several heart surgeries so it holds a special place in my heart!
    I LOVE the mystic collection!!! xo

  18. Love Kendra Scott! Love this post and you look FAB as always!! Love that dress!


  19. I just wanted to stop in and tell you I had an lovely time at the KS event! Your pics are amazing! You and Jackie did a fabulous job and I hope to see you ladies soon!! xoxo


  20. Beautiful! I love that bun on you, and the event looked great as well. I think my cousin just attended a KS event too, but she's in Arizona.

    jessica /

  21. I love the Mystic collection! Kendra Scott is such a beautiful designer!

    x. Sabrina // Simply Sabrina